Transmission numérique bi-directionnelle audio/vidéo/données / Bi-directional sound/vided/data digital transmission
Transmission temps réel haute définition / High definition real time broadcasting
Conception de matériel dédié / Dedicated hardware designs
Solutions radio miniaturisées pour l'aide à la maintenance / Miniature radio solution for maintenance
Fiabilité dans des environnements complexes / Reliability in complex environments
Wireless solutions are everywhere. However, there often remain great lengths of cable to uncoil. The main explanation is that the classical wireless solutions are not inappropriated to some uses.

DIWEL offers a high performance real-time radio technology, integrable in your equipments, dedicated to the transport of digital data during critical missions.

The technological base of DIWEL ensure data broadcasting for their visualization or their analysis when the use of cables and the conventional radio (such as the Wi-Fi) are impossible.

Our innovation articulates around a modular radio transmission base reconfigurable according to your cases of uses.

This technology allows: